About the Island — Koh Mak

Koh Mak is the third largest island of Koh Chang Marine National Park (Thailand, Trad Province). Koh Mak covers an area of 16 square kilometers with its sea side covering just 27 kilometers. The bays and the beaches on the island are very different. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that everything you see is located close by: the “bounty-style” bay and the rough, yet beautiful bay with massive volcanic boulders.

Prestigious British weekly “Sunday Times” included Koh Mak island in it’s 10 Best Beaches in the World. London journalists explained it this way: “Even people who have never been to Thailand know of its magnificent islands, especially Phi-Phi island, where movie “The Beach” was filmed with Leonardo DiCaprio. But, if there were Oscars for tropical islands, Koh Mak would have definitely got one. “

Koh Mak, or Mak (the correct way of calling the island, because ‘koh’ means ‘island’ in Thai), is of volcanic origin, which adds its own charm in the eyes of tourists. Everyone who comes here has a unique opportunity to stay on the top of this dormant volcano, as well as feel its distinctive energy. All the volcanic islands, including Mak, have deeper lagoons and bays, as well as clearer beach water, because there is no limestone dust which is always the case with corral islands.

Mak’s beach line is not continuous, which is why there are so many dissimilar beaches around: Ao Kao, Ao Phra, Ao Nid, Ao Pai, Ao Tann, Ao Talong, Ao Soun Yai and Ao Lom.

The main beaches are known as Ao Suan Yai, Ao Kao, Ao Nid and Ao Tann. The first two resemble a tropical fairytale: the finest white sand, clinging to the water coconut palms and bright turquoise water.

Ao Tann beach is very quiet and secluded, with mangrove trees growing right at the water, the whole area is fresh and peaceful. The water here is crystal clear, almost lake-like.

Ao Nid is the most impressive bay on the island. The narrow, rocky beach here provides a breathtaking view- a little patch of bright orange sand, maroon colored volcanic boulders, coconut palms and a little bit further, beach slopes with the bungalow’s blue roof tops.

Mak Island offers about thirty hotels, three dive clubs, bicycles for rent, a Buddhist temple, a little museum, art-project «The Somchay`s Garden of pastions» and many hevea and coconut plantations. According to official statistics, there are 10 thousands palms on the island. Until the 80s, Mak was used mostly for agrarian purposes – the fields of coconuts, rubber plantations and fruit gardens were in hands of just a couple of farmers’ families. Now there are about 700 people living on the island — the coconut and rubber plantations are still here. The main source of income for locals is rubber juice collection and first processing. You can learn this process without tours and guides, simply by walking around the island. Perhaps, the latex pillow you purchased earlier came from Mak.

Unlike many other islands in Trad, Mak is almost flat with a lot of shade which is convenient for walking around. Many people prefer to combine walks with riding bycicles or driving motorcycles because there is no real traffic, which is even much more safe then driving around Pattaya or Phuket. You can get motorcycle (350/400 baht/day) or bycicle (150 baht/day) for rent around main pier Ao Nid Bay and Ao Suan Yai beach area.

Mak’s guests often travel to nearby islands, every one of which is an amazing little world of its own. For instance, on Koh Krad island there is a population of wild deer that can be seen and photographed in the evenings, when the heat decreases. Black volcanic boulders are another of Mak’s wonders. Koh Rang offers bird watching activities and (when in season), you can see how sea turtles lay eggs in the sand. There are amazing coral feefs at Koh Rayang Nai, and Koh Pi is great diving destination. On the Mac, there are many ways to spend leisure: cooking school Smile, Koh Mak Dive Schools: Ploy Scuba Diving Koh Mak, Koh Mak Diver, Paradise Diver Koh Mak.

Mak Island’ special features

Mak Island’ special features
Because Mak is a volcanic island, its bays, flora and fauna are very unique.

This is a very special place energy-wise. Enormous amounts of energy that came out from the Earth many million years ago along with molten lava, created something like constant energy channel. Even after the volcano «fell asleep», the chanel is still present. This fact is confirmed by people researching out planet’s energy field and Noosphere.

Koh Mak is so-called place of power. The most universal definition of this phenomenon is that it is the geographical areas or the “points” that radiate energy beneficial to humans. Visits to “places of power” promote personal development, creating a burst of energy that inspires and heals. In these treasured places of power people do not just feel the energy rising, but also get a lot of unusual experiences.

Even when people, uninterested in these aspects, visit the island, feel its wonderful peacefulness. When someone focused on his self-development comes to the island, it takes only 3-4 days to notice the difference and improvements in health, levels of consciousness, senses and intuition. If we talk terms, anyone on the island has an opportunity to open a second level of the Tan Tien.

The place of power on Mak island has its own unique features. A long time ago there was an interaction of fire, water, earth and air, generating huge amounts of energy, the island has become a platform where it is good to work and interact with all Earth’s elements. This place is great for seminars, workshops, outreach sessions and various esoteric movements.

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